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MPLS Augmentation and Replacement
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Better WAN Efficiency through Load Balancing
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Increasing Speed & Reliability for Site-to-Site VPN
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Ensuring Incoming Requests to Internal Servers
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MPLS Augmentation and Replacement | Cost Saving | Better Application Delivery | Network Simplification

Q-Balancer is designed to improve WAN reliability and performance for enterprise networks. With the solution in place, enterprises can take control of their networks, meet the growing demand on IT resources, and enjoy an unbreakable network connectivity.

MPLS Augmentation and Replacement
Q-Balancer delivers a business-class, secure, and simple cloud-enabled WAN connection with as much open and software-based technology as possible. Q-Balancer enables enterprises to flexibly expand network scale, delivers optimal access for both site-to-site and cloud applications.

Cost Saving 
Q-Balancer leverages low-cost broadband connections and offload non-critical or general traffic from expensive MPLS connections. The centralized management system solution reduces time, cost, and probable human-errors associated with deployment and daily management for edge devices. 

Better Application Delivery
Q-Balancer identifies critical applications and selectively directs traffic down the optimal path. Application delivery works in conjunction with path monitoring and policy-based load balancing. The solution tracks network characteristics of data plane tunnels and uses the collected information to compute optimal paths for data transmission. 

Network Simplification
Q-Balancer reduces the reliance on expensive certified specialists as its configuration is simple and fast through the intuitive and user-friendly user interface. The solution also reduces the reliance on hardware appliances like routers, DHCP server, firewall, etc. With its consolidated features, WAN cost and complexity are lowered for branch networks.