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Devices Provisioning, Managing, and Monitoring all through a Single Screen
For the enterprises with offices spread all over the country or globe, how can their IT managers manage the enterprise networks so all the locations can work, communicate, and share information easily, instantaneously, and effectively? The following are some of the challenges faced by multi-location enterprises:

  • Time-consuming and costly provisioning of branch networks
  • Expensive IT experts required
  • Downtime for device replacement

>  QBManager - Centralized Management System
QBManager is a centralized management system providing comprehensive and powerful features for enterprise networks. QBManager streamlines the management tasks for network administrators through its features of auto-provisioning, policy and configuration management, firmware upgrade, monitoring, etc. QBManager reduces time, cost, and error-prone policy configurations associated with the deployment for branch gateway devices, and provides access to detailed performance data correlated allowing IT administrators to manage all devices with a single screen. To find out more, you can remotely access the web user interface of any managed device with simply a click.



>  Device Provision
QBManager eliminates the need of sending IT experts to each individual branch location for manual device configuration. Adding a Q-Balancer branch gateway device to an enterprise network can now be done with the technology of drag-and-drop tunnel creation. A branch gateway configuration used to take hours plus the time traveling to branch locations for network deployments, but now with the new technologies, it can be done in few minutes.

>  Device Management
QBManager provides centralized policy administration, device configuration, and firmware upgrade management for up to hundreds of branch gateway devices. The process of management on branch gateway devices as well as the transition from configuration to monitoring can be simplified. You may remotely access the web user interface of any managed device with a click on the map or topology to find out more.

>  Device Monitoring
QBManager enables network administrators to monitor real-time bandwidth usage, packet loss, latency, and jitter across enterprise networks, and to proactively identify possible performance impacts. The inbuilt reports help network administrators track a variety of performance metrics, and can be scheduled to be sent on a regular basis to individual or multiple recipients. It aggregates logs of various network events and operations, network administrators can set email notifications for the events upon the occurrence.

Top Benefits
>  Add new devices to a network easily and rapidly
>  Simplify common network management tasks
>  Align application delivery to business goals through business intent policies
>  Gain centralized visibility into network performance
>  Provide analytical data for faster resolution of network related issues and capacity planning
>  Scale up network flexibly to lower upfront cost of deployments