Q-Balancer Mesh
Q-Balancer 150
Q-Balancer 300D
Q-Balancer 300
Q-Balancer 500
Q-Balancer 2000

Next-Generation WAN Load Balancer
Q-Balancer appliance is a next generation multi-WAN gateway solution that guarantees continuous connectivity for enterprise and cloud-based applications by load balancing and optimizing both outbound and inbound traffic across multiple WAN links. Q-Balancer appliance is incorporated with a variety of advanced network features, enabling enterprises to take full control of their WAN networks.

Unlike the traditional NAT-based link load balancing solutions, the WAN load balancing capability of Q-Balancer comes with application-awareness to ensure unbreakable connectivity and service level availability for corporate and cloud-based applications. Q-Balancer appliance is able to classify applications and route or distribute traffic across a variety of Internet connections based on business policy, and so helps enterprises effectively harness multi-cloud networks.

Q-Balancer appliance transforms inexpensive broadband connections into an enterprise-grade WAN. Better application delivery can be achieved with its ability of intelligent traffic steering, which works in conjunction with application-aware routing, dynamic path selection, and path monitoring to provide desired performance for applications. QB-2000 appliance can be deployed as a physical appliance or a virtual appliance running on virtualized infrastructure; it scales from 2 Gbps up to 20 Gbps and can be deployed in large organizations, campus, and data centers.

Physical Appliances

>  Q-Balancer 2000 is designed for educations, large enterprises and data centers, and supports up to 52 WAN links and up to 20 Gbps throughput. Large organization can employ Q-Balancer 2000 to work as a link load balancer to ensure network connectivity, while in a distributed network Q-Balancer 2000 can function as a network controller.

>  Q-Balancer 500 is designed to bring high network reliability and performance to medium and large-sized enterprise and regional data centers. This 1U rack-mountable appliance supports up to 52 WAN links and up to 3 Gbps throughput. Q-Balancer 500 protects business from any potential network failure and disruption.

>  Q-Balancer 300 is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and supports up to 25 WAN links and up to 1.5 Gbps throughput. This 1U rack mountable appliance ensures connectivity while providing key features for enterprises including routing, firewall and bandwidth management.

>  Q-Balancer 300D is a low-cost version of QB-300, equipped with 6 x GbE ports, and in compact design with dimension (260×178×44 mm). This desktop appliance ensures connectivity while providing key features for enterprises including routing, firewall and bandwidth management.

>  Q-Balancer 150 is a compact design appliance for small and branch offices with higher bandwidth demand. The appliance supports up to 10 WAN links and up to 300 Mbps throughput. Q-Balancer 150 comes with all-in-one features, and brings the benefits of low costs and high reliability.

>  Q-Balancer Mesh is designed to provide secure WAN access for pop-up stores and branch offices wherever they are, particularly for the locations where wired solutions are not available or costly. With its intelligent algorithms and industry-grade 4G LTE connectivity, Q-Balancer Mesh enables branch networks to stay connected as needed.


Physical Appliance

Virtual Appliances

>  Q-Balancer V2000 is a virtual appliance running on VMware vSphere virtual server, and provides same functionality as the physical appliance of Q-Balancer 2000. Q-Balancer V2000 is designed for educations, large enterprises and data centers, and supports up to 52 WAN links and up to 20 Gbps throughput.


Virtual Appliance

Benefits & Business Outcomes

>  Protecting Business Continuity against WAN Outages
More organizations rely on network technology for daily operations today. However, one of the most expensive and least quantifiable costs associated with technology is network downtime. By building a truly agile and reliable network combining multiple WAN transport services, enterprises are assured to stay connected to Internet and cloud applications, and their business continuity is protected from service disruption and WAN outages

>  Greater Bandwidth Utilization
Q-Balancer WAN Load balancing is designed to make better use of available bandwidth. Best possible paths are always selected based on business intent when connection requests arise. Bandwidth can be incrementally increased when the demand grows by adding lower cost broadband lines to replace or fortify expensive lines. Bandwidth insufficiency then becomes history when Q-Balancer solution is in place.

>  Prioritizing Business-Critical Applications
Business-critical traffic will be prioritized over less important traffic, and so real-time or quality-sensitive applications such as VoIP can be assigned with highest priority.

>  Path Conditioning 
Q-Balancer solution tracks characteristics of WAN paths, which includes packet loss, latency, jitter, load, cost and bandwidth. With the measured result of real-time network tracking, applications are then sent down one path or another based on those characteristics. WAN traffic that requires a high level of quality can be restricted to running over the best possible path depending on those traffic characteristics.

>  Improving Application Performance
For an enterprise network which combines MPLS and broadband connections for private and public cloud applications, the ability to steer applications based on business policies is required. With the ability of application awareness, Q-Balancer solution dynamically enforces the policy and steers applications across multiple cloud. This eliminates the potential for wasted bandwidth on expensive backhaul and the performance bottlenecks for critical cloud applications.

>  Ensuring Accessibility of Corporate Applications for Incoming Requests
Service downtime costs reputation, customer retention, employee satisfaction and overall confidence to a business. Q-Balancer solution enables the incoming requests to corporate hosted services to be distributed across available paths. This achieves failover and simultaneous utilization over multi-uplink for the access to corporate hosted services without complex configuration or programming. Customer loyalty and satisfaction can be improved due to better application performance, reliability and customer experience.

>  Fortifying Business Network with Broadband Technology
Because of high cost, limited bandwidth and availability, long lead time and contract terms, alternatives to MPLS or leased lines are always needed when expanding branch business. Plus, broadband lines offer large amounts of bandwidth at lower price and more favorable terms, and are often highly available. Q-Balancer solution delivers high speed WAN through aggregating multiple broadband lines. This ability to aggregate multiple WAN transports can be used to fortify or replace expensive MPLS services. 

>  Staying Ahead of the Growing IT Demands
The demands on your company’s IT resources increase as business grows and expands, and so is the complexity of IT tasks. Q-Balancer solution enables business to build a secure connectivity for headquarters and branch networks through types of WAN transports, and streamlines configuration and management while delivering the application availability.